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    Richard Colton

    "JeWitch" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > First .. I don't see how it would be a copyright issue. Any place could
    > repair a Nokia if they had parts. If I owned a Chevy ANY mechanic can work
    > on it and he could get original Chevy parts or generic. no copyright
    > problem. Why should a cellphone be any different?

    Because a cellphone often requires the firmware updating or reflashing as
    part of the repair process. As Nokia own the copyright on the firmware,
    there's your problem. Additionally, some of the internal componants contain
    proprietary code so if you're repairing at componant level you could also
    run into problems.

    > As for "you sent them to Nokia ..." I can't speak for all phones, but I
    > can tell you FOR SURE .. 100% ... if you sent an N93 to Nokia in Alabama,
    > you were NOT sending to Nokia .. they are NOT Nokia .. call them and ask
    > ..
    > Without retelling my tale of woe .. Alabama has the ONLY repair place
    > that repairs the Nokia N93. They, by the way, are NOT owned by Nokia.
    > There is no other place in the USA that works on the N93 . .This is what
    > Nokia tells me. And Palco, the place in Alabama says they ordered parts
    > for the N93 2 months ago, they have not yet been given a date to expect
    > delivery. They have also had on order the phones, the N93 .. They cannot
    > get them ..
    > So what is a person who owns a N93 supposed to do to get their phone
    > repaired. I say, if you are reading this group. Have a N93 that is
    > broken and Nokia tells you to mail it to their repair facility in Alabama.
    > 1[ Google the name Palco and you will see that is the address where you
    > will send your phone.
    > 2] Call them and listen to the recording, push one for this .. two for
    > that .. you will see they never mention cellphones, or Nokia .. so they
    > are not Nokia.
    > Push the 0 for the operator and say you need a Nokia phone repair.. She
    > will say "let me connect you with the person in charge of the Nokia phone
    > repairs and that person will tell you what I did. They CANNOT fulfill
    > your warranty needs because Nokia will not give them parts or
    > replacements.

    If they're an official CNSC they should have access to parts for all current
    and many obsolete handsets. Parts for the newer handsets can be in short

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    Re: Opem a Nokia Repair Shop

    jeWINK.WINK wrote:


    > .. there must be dozens of people in here that could repair phones. Maybe
    > that one poster that took a hammer to his phone wouldn't have if he knew he
    > could get it repaired ...

    Well to be honest I had fun smashing it ;-) I got some "in progress"
    pictures, where the phone is still on with a wierd rainbow effect
    screen, then various stages of destruction - I ran it under a tap and
    switched it on at one point, and it came up with an operating system
    boot message! The screen was half gone though so I couldn't read it
    properly. I sent the pictures round on email for fun ;-) Although my
    colleagues who'd told me to get a Sony to start with had the last laugh!