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    michael Cunningham
    Hi folks,
    just got a new 1Gig card for my 6233. Is there any way I can copy the games
    / applications that came on the original nokia 64meg card back onto the new
    card. When I try to copy accross from the old card to the new them using a
    card reader and the phone connected to the pc with pc suite I get the
    message "access denied". I assume it's cos the games / apps are copyright
    Thanks in advance

    See More: Transferring files

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    michael Cunningham

    Re: Transferring files

    Thanks Dmitriy,
    Tried transferring the files in "data storage mode" and got the same
    message. I can transfer any file I want except the ones that came on the
    original Nokia sd card.
    Thanks anyway,
    <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Do you use the 6233 phone to read from old card?
    > If true, try to switch to Data trasfering mode or read data using card
    > reader.

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