I had a little coffee spill get into the keyboard and using it was
becoming more and more difficult, so I have just repaired it. Thought
it might be of interest if anyone has done similar.

Take off the covers in the usual way and place the internals face up.
Using a T6 driver remove the 6x T6 screws around the surround of the
keyboard plus display.

Once removed, lift the black plastic frame with keyboard PCB from the
body, then unclip the actual keyboard PCB from the frame. The flexible
white sticky backed button panel then needs to be very carefully
separated from the PCB, without damaging either on a clean surface.

Once separated both can be dropped in a slightly soapy mix of hot water
to soak for a few minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with hot water. A
cotton bud may be needed to help clean the contact faces of either
part, but taking care not to reduce the stickiness of the white panels
rear surface or trap any dirt upon it.

Dry both parts on kitchen roll and perhaps with the help of an air
dryer before reassembling. Getting the white part stuck back in just
the correct place takes some effort, but once in the right place press
it down all over its surface. Reassemble in reverse order and test.
Takes about 20 minutes in total.


Harry (M1BYT) (L)

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