I have backed up some SMS messages received by my old Communicator,
using the Nokia PC Suite.

I am trying to write some code to access the Title, From, TelNo,
Message etc and I have been able to work out all the above, but I can
not work out the DATE and TIME.

The files are 824 or more bytes and the details I have found are:

Sender Name and Message Ref Offset \x 0004
Sender Phone Number Offset \x 011C
Other Phone Number Offset \x 0132
Message Offset \x 024e terminated
by null, null

The Date Time I am trying to find is November 4th 2001 at 15:06:12.

The phone is very temperamental as to whether it works or not, so
trying to read them and re-type them would be a last resort.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as these messages are an
important record of a family event.

Thanks Richard

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