I'm having problems connecting my tomtom to my nokia n80 It is activated ok
in the car but the software on my laptop doesnt see it.
When I go to connect to your phone I getthrough the connect to my phone and
the phone may now be used and then it trys to get through the wireless data
connection and fails at 65%. I'm accepting connection on my mobile each
time asked.
I've been in my settings on the phone and looked at access points and I have
them and can get on the net with the phone.

My settings are as follows
Access points are orange
orange (01)
Orange internet
Oraange mms
Orange mms (01)
Packet data is set atwhen needed
access point is orangeinternet
SIP settings is none
Wireless LAn is yes for show availabilty
and scan for networks is every minuteConfigurations is no configurations
When I go into services / options and settings
my access point is Orange
homepage is www.opera.com
Load images is yes
font normald
default encoding auto
auto book onsearch page www.opera.com
cookies allow
Java enabled
conf .dtmf sending first time only

Spent hours trying to figure it out, I'm guessing here and my next thought
is changing the opera to orange?

Any help is really appreciated, Thanks in advance

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