* Freeware Java (J2ME) 3D Flight Simulator for Nokia S60 devices

' [image: http://www.symbian-freak.com/images/.../flightmt.jpg]'

FreeFlight is a cool freeware Java J2ME based 3D Flight Simulator
mobile game for MIDP 2.0 mobile devices, capable of 3D rendering

Freeflight brings the fun and the emotion of flight simulation to
pocket devices. There is no peculiar target in Freeflight. Just the fun
of flying in what is likely to be the most realistic sky ever brought
onto the screen of your mobile phone.

If you’re not familiar with aeronautics, four simple lessons will lead
you from basic control of the aircraft up to acrobatics maneuvers. So,
take the lessons or just go flying.. .. ..It’s your choice after all

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(J2ME) 3D Flight Simulator - full story '

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