In the States Nokia will not repair the 6260 because it was not sold
here. However, in Thailand it is possible.

The 1, 2, 3 keys became inoperative. Took it to Nokia Care in Chiang
Mai, Thailand, and they fixed it in a moment at no charge saying there
was some dirt cleaned out.

However, I then noticed that some keys -- 7 and 8 in particular -- were
hard to depress. Went back to Nokia and was told that it would need a
new board at a prohibitively high price (what was it, $200?)

Prepared to throw it in the garbage can, I checked another repair shop
-- TC Mobile located in Central Airport shopping center -- who fixed it
in a half an hour for $17.75. What they did was to replace the
metallic plate (board) below the keys and below the plastic bladder. It
has been working fine now for two months! Presumably any repair shop
could do the same.


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