Maybe you will laugh at them, but I would have liked to know earlier
what I have discovered myself: would have saved me a lot of time.

And please, if there are more tips (of even a hand full of them) I
would like to know.

1: I like the easy switching between profile "General" and "Silent"
with the "#" key. But I want to keep my alarms in silent-mode (for
waking up). This is what is needed: create a caller-group "No-one",
don't assign any caller to this group and turn on Ringing type as
"Ringing", and "Alert for" to "No-one". From now on your alarms will
sound, and no caller can intrude.

2: My Nokia original Car kit (CW7 with holder for E50) gave problems.
That problems were due to the fact that the contacts (mainly IN the
holder, where dust and little (food?) particles collect) and between
the plug and the unit. Cleaned and a crystal clear sound was the

Sorry to have troubled you.


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