* Major firmware update for Nokia E90 has been released MCU SW

' [image:

Nokia has released a new 'firmware'
(http://www.symbian-freak.com/quides/...e/firmware.htm) version for
'Nokia E90'
firmware 'v7.38.0.2' (http://tinyurl.com/26hoam) is already available
and supported via the 'NSU'
and will be available progressively at the official Nokia Points and
Nokia Service Points in the next few days.

As usually, this release should improve the 'Nokia E90 '
(http://tinyurl.com/2eycvm)performance as well as fix known bugs and
problems from previous versions. Read more in the pretty huge bulletin
of the changes issued from No... .. .

http://www.symbian-freak.com/forum/i...con_arrow.gif] ' New
firmware update for Nokia E90 - full story '

Sincerely yours,
- RS77 ft. Apoc' -


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