* pyPiwo for 3rd edition - Brew and drink beer on your Phone! Cheers! *

' [image: http://www.symbian-freak.com/images/.../pypiwotm.jpg]

pyPiwo is another cool application from my friend 'Ariek'
(http://tinyurl.com/2zxyyd), developer of the famous 'pyPoziomica'
(http://tinyurl.com/ywvn4z) application and the gorgeous 'pyMoneta'
Nokia N95 magic trick.

Same as all other application in his portfolio pyPiwo is developed in
Python and require its 'latest version' (http://tinyurl.com/yoy36w) for
proper work.

Applications also intensively use the 'level sensor'
(http://www.symbian-freak.com/forum/v...ic.php?t=14296) so it will
only work on models with build in accelerometer, Nokia N95 and 'Nokia
N95' (http://www.symbian-freak.com/reviews..._review_01.htm) and
'Nokia N95 8GB' (http://tinyurl.com/255v9f) (tested) but is should
works with 'Nokia N93i'
(http://www.symbian-freak.com/reviews...i_hands_on.htm) and
'Nokia N82'

Anyway, pyPiwo is the half magic, half real, application that brings
more fun into usually boring Symbian world and helps you to impress
your friends with a simply hilarious beer trick. It uses the
'Accelerometer sensor'
(http://www.symbian-freak.com/forum/v...ic.php?t=14296) to rotate
beer like backgro.. .. ..

'Convert your phone into instant beer machine - full story'

Sincerely yours,
-Ariek ft. Teo -


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