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    Anthony B G
    I am looking for PC Suite that runs in Vista?

    I can only install my PC Suite 6.8 in XP Windows systems.
    I am not able to install PC Suite 6.8 in any Vista systems.

    Any advise?

    Actually, all I want is to download images from my Nokia phones by USB
    cable. I am using several Nokia phones, one of it is the 6070.

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    Anthony B G

    Re: PC Suite for Vista

    OK, I downloaded latest version of PC Suite 6.85 from Nokia site.
    This program now loads into my Vista systems.

    But, I am unable to get the software to recognize the Nokia cable connection

    This same hardware USB cable connection is recognize by the PC Suite 6.8
    install in a XP system.

    DO I need some kind of Vista drivers? Whrere I can find the Vista diver for
    Nokia 6070?

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