I have an unbranded E65 that is less than 6 months old. I have checked via
the Nokia update service and it seems there is no firmware update for it.
The problem is it intimately falls silent. By that it means it does not
ring, incoming messages do not sound and key presses produce no sound. It is
as if it has gone onto silent profile (but it hasn't) The only was to get
the sound back is to reboot the phone. I think it MAY be related to using it
hands free in my car with a Bluetooth hand free set. My car is a Honda CRV
and the Bluetooth is the on board one. If I leave Bluetooth off on the phone
the sound problem never occurs. If I turn Bluetooth on and use it hands free
in the car, once every few days, the sound goes. This means I can't rely on
it outside the car. I have Googled and not found anyone else having this

Any ideas?

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