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    White Knight
    * Steve wrote:
    > The 6120 is described as a HSDPA capable phone (by retailers and by
    > Nokia), but the specs say UL/DL speed is 384kbps on a W-CDMA network:
    > See the browing tab here:
    > Those aren't really HSDPA broadband rates at all, they are the
    > original CSD speeds on 3G. Or have I missed something?
    > What speeds are people getting when using the 6120 as a broadband
    > wireless modem on a HSDPA network?

    I get 3.6Mb or usually just under (like 3.2)

    See More: 6120 as HSDPA modem?

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    Re: 6120 as HSDPA modem?

    White Knight <[email protected]> wrote in news:fs7sg8$1dlo$1

    > I get 3.6Mb or usually just under (like 3.2)

    I need to move. I get 800K to 1.1M on EVDO they just recently installed in
    the States.

    I'm turning GREEN with envy......3.6M is just a dream, here.

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