* Theme Magic - Shaking based Theme Switcher *


We got a bunch of the shakers lately that pretends to help us in
performing usual tasks but I am really not sure if our lovely phones
will survive so much shaking and wiggling?!?

Theme Magic is the latest one that just appeared over our forum section
and it is definitely not one that I’ll use very often as I don’t
changing the UI looks that often, not at all, maybe once per month. But
if you one of this that like to change the skin few times per day this
is the maybe I right solution for you as it enables them changing by
simple shaking. Not sure if it is changes themes randomly or by
predefined order because all we have at the moment is the short video
and as usually, application is for no... ..

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' Shaking based Theme Switcher - full story '

Sincerely yours,
- Apoc' -


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