New product: Symbian SMS Manager

Today we're glad to introduce Symbian SMS Manager - our new product in the
line of phone information managers. Symbian SMS Manager represents all
messages (SMS, Smart SMS, MMS, E-mail and others) stored in your phone the
way e-mail messages can be presented in your E-mail client.

Here are the main benefits of the product:

a.. Supports all smartphones based on Symbian OS.
b.. Supports Cable, Bluetooth and InfraRed connection.
c.. Sends Unicode and plain-text messages.
d.. Shows messages in Email-like interface.
e.. Supports SMS, MMS, e-mail messages.
f.. Shows received files and attachments.
g.. Provides SMS backup and restore operations.
h.. Has full Unicode support.

Download Symbian SMS Manager today and feel the easiness of SMS
communication immeidiately!

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