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    today at about 11pm the navigation keys of my nokia 5310 have decided to
    go wrong. the centre button when pressed scrolls down a menu or opens
    whatever application was assigned to that button that is meant to
    scroll down and the button that usually scrolls upwards in the menu's
    also does exactly the same thing whereas the button that is normally
    used to scroll left only scrolls right. also my call and cancel call
    buttons don't do what their meant to and the to buttons above them do
    the same thing. about 2 hours prior to this happening, the phone
    slipped out of my pocket and went face down in a puddle. i immediatly
    tried the phone to see if it worked which it did. when i got home i
    continued to use the phone and it worked perfectly till approximatly
    11pm. can someone please tell me a way of fixing this problem
    preferably a DIY way of fixing it as i don't have any money untill the
    end of the month and i don't want to be payin lots of money for a


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    Re: keys won't work on my nokia 5310

    no worries today i went and got it replaced for a new one.


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