* Nokia 5800 Tube - The Very First Official Photo! *

'[image: http://www.symbian-freak.com/images/...6/tubeotm.jpg]'

An interesting news has appeared this morning in my RSS news reader! It
is actually the very first official photo of the hotly anticipated
'*Nokia Tube*' (http://tinyurl.com/67zxgh)!

In a matter of fact it is not a real official photo, it is the promo
poster that shows several S60 and few S40 phones, phones like Nokia
E71, 6210 Navigator and the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic?!?

What especially caught my attention in this poster was the fact that
this is the first time that Nokia 5800 is branded as ExpressMusic
instead of the ExpressMedia!? Phone that I've test... .. .

*Read more:*
'ExpressMedia or ExpressMusic - full story'

Sincerely yours,
-Teo -


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