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    * WaterBox Out Of Beta - Realistic Accelerometer Based Liquid


    I just got informed that Teemu has pushed the release timetable a bit
    and got 1.00 out a lot sooner than expected.

    '*WaterBox*' ( is actually a fluid simulator
    that uses the '*built-in accelerometer*' ( to
    detect the phone movement and simulate the fluid moving across the
    screen according to phone position and moving direction.

    All graphics are done with '*OpenGL ES*'
    ( although it
    probbably isn't the best possible choice for 2D graphic but since Teemu
    is already familiar with codding in OpenGL he decided to use OpenGL
    engine for this cool application. This particular example uses 75
    parti... .. .

    *Read more:*
    [image:] '
    WaterBox v1.0 ready for download - full story '

    Sincerely yours,


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    Re: + WaterBox RELEASED a lot sooner than expected!!!

    Apocalypso™ <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:[email protected]:

    > * WaterBox Out Of Beta - Realistic Accelerometer Based Liquid
    > Simulator*

    I watched the video and it IS cute, but has no goal, is pointless....

    Find someone with a Nokia N8x0 Linux tablet with Numpty Physics
    installed on it and a few hours to kill.

    See if YOU can get the red ball to hit the yellow star on the sadistic
    games using your intense knowledge of physics.

    I'll give you a little help hint not documented. Press the full screen
    button to bring up a menu of controls, especially the ground symbol that
    makes objects you draw into anchor points.

    There....see you in a week. What's fun is to spring Numpty Physics onto
    someone just about to leave your location, in a hurry to get somewhere
    especially. They're gonna be late....(c;

    After you're a complete addict and THINK you've found all its secrets,
    make some sadistic games with it, yourself, and post them to the maemo
    server....for bragging rights and penis envy.

    Sadistic games submitted by users are now stored at:
    and will AUTODOWNLOAD into the new version of Numpty Physics by the
    sadistic software without your permission.

    Here's some of Bergie's addicts, young people laying on a bed playing
    it, instead of sex with the blonde, as she waits and waits in her pink

    Don't look here first. See if you can figure it out with no help!
    Numpty Physics has its own community of addicts.

    Rumor has it Nokia has forbid Numpty Physics from all its property in
    hopes production of useful products and services will, at some point,

    I've never seen a game that looks SO simple create complete addicts SO

    There is NOTHING simple about PHYSICS!.......

    "If we knew what we were doing, we couldn't call it 'research'!" -
    Albert Einstein, physicist

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