Just thought I'd post our experience of the repair of a Nokia N800 Linux
tablet that belongs to a friend who dimpled his display trying to carry it
on his belt like a sellphone.

He sent the N800 to Nokia's USA repair contractor in, I think Alabama, last
Thursday via UPS overnight. This morning UPS brought his beloved N800 back
to him, the screen replaced, in fine working condition. He didn't tell me
if it cost him anything, but that doesn't matter. They included a new
stylus and AC power supply he didn't send them in the returned unit.

I'll be able to get my life back, now, as he'll be occupied with his
tablet, once again, instead of calling me and crying over its loss, as if
one of his children died or his mistress left him...(c; Addict are just
pitiful people when you snatch away their drugs too quickly. Electronic
drugs are the worst, hitting us with "cold turkey", unexpectedly.

Thank you, Nokia, for providing such a fine repair contractor who really
gets us back up and running as quickly as is reasonable. Your first class
service has just netted you another sellphone customer when my phone is to
be replaced. Who would believe such a huge company would provide such
great service? YO! VERIZON! You watchin' dis boys?!

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