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    Richard Colton

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    > Hi there i am based in the uk, and am about to buy a nokia 8800 arte
    > phone which has come frmo china.

    Be very careful with any Nokia handset that you know has come from China,
    but especially the 8800. There are dozens of companies producing cheap
    copies - the quality ranges from abysmal to an almost perfect clone, but
    none of the copies use Nokia chipsets.

    > does anyone think there will be any
    > problems with using this on the prange netwrok in the uk, and will
    > everythin be in english?

    If it's genuine it will have the english language pack installed by default,
    if it's a copy based on the MTK chipset, then it may or may not. Both the
    original and the copy should work without any problem on Orange.

    > Also i i was to take this phone aborad,
    > would I still be able to use it?


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    Re: Nokia 8800 arte

    Hi there,

    Richard Colton is partly correct in respects to buying in China.

    If the whole phone is produced in China then its a copy. It could have
    easily been imported.

    Unless you buy the handset from Nokia outlet, most are copies even from
    service providers that are China based.

    If you buy from a service provider that is Hong Kong based then it should be

    By default, The handset will be in English, Chinese, simplified and
    traditional. Depending where you buy the handset, you can ask them to
    install European language pack.

    All the phones that i know off and have bought from Hong Kong and China are
    unlocked so you will have no problems using them in U.K

    End of the day, if the price is too good the its a copy. If you have the
    time, go to hong kong or if you can ask someone to buy it for you. If your
    a foreigner, they'll be out to make a killing from you.

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