I posted these questions in another group before I realised there was a
Nokia one!

Is anyone out there using the Nokia 6500 Slide for email? I'm thinking of
getting one of these to improve on my 6230i which doesn't handle email very
well, but I'm finding it difficult to find out if the 6500 Slide's email
function is any better.

Is it easy to use? Stable or buggy?
Is it easy to set up manually, or does it require settings to be sent from
the network?
Can it support multiple email accounts?
How does it handle HTML email? I'm not expecting it to show them in HTML
format, but can it at least show you a plain text version?
How does the "push" email feature work? Does it just check the server at
regular intervals or does something need to be set up at the server end?

Any info on this would be appreciated. I'd be using it with Orange PAYG.


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