I am unable to setup printing on E65

on my home network the printer is connected to an USB dedicated input
just on the USR Router, and is used as a network printer from the home

E65 should use that printe throu an Access Point (WiFi), also
connected to that Router.
I have no problems to go to Internet but I have been unable to
correctly setup the E65 printing.

I tryed several setup and read all the available notes on the NET.
The most trusted setup is the following, but it does'nt work:

printer: pinter1
driver: general
connection: LPR
access point: <my WiFi>
host : (as on the router
config) or only the IP address of the router
User: blank
Queue: Samsung (printer last word on proprieties=printer name)

no results

Anyone will be so kind to point out my mistake ?

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