hi, i might be in the wrong ng, but i need help with an infuriating problem.
I am looking for any, yes any software that will work with a new (10 day)
old 7650 that will allow me to type out txt msg's on my keyboard in much the
same was as logomanager did with my old 6210. The phone connects to my pc
via bluetooth without a prob. Data suite see's it. I can send files and such
to it. Logo manager 1.3 using the bluetooth sees it but will not accept the
phone. Logomanager tech support have told me there is no plans at mo to
support symbian phones. Just downloaded oxygen II for symbian phones and
installed patch on my phone but oxygen will no accept phone. All i want to
do is type msg's on my keyboard. t-mobile will not take phone back coz after
finding all this info out i have fallen outside the 7 day cancellation
period for upgrades. I am now left with a useless pile of plastic that won't
do what i want it to do. And on top of that the ring / speaker phone options
are very quiet and i think they are to low in volume. Have i been sold a
pup or can this software be found anywhere. Any help, however small will be
greatfully acknowledged.

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