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    Hi all,

    Couple of questions I have tried to find using google.

    QUESTION 1. When I tried to install PC Suit 5.0, it told me to uninstall PC
    Suit 4.3. Both on my laptop and on my PC. When I did this on the laptop,
    it proceeded to install itself successfull. It is running Windows XP Home.
    When I unstalled v4.3 on the PC and I tried to install v5.0 again, it came
    up with the same message i.e. to unstall previous version. Any ideas? I
    went back to a previous ghost image, prior to loading v4.3 and all is well
    now except the following quesiton.

    QUESTION 2. When Sync with Outlook, PC Suite version 4.3 had no problems.
    With v5.0, To-Do-Lists keep return this error.
    Synchronizer Log File
    Sunday, 27 July 2003 20:35:31

    Nokia PC Sync

    Contact inserted in Microsoft Outlook.
    Test A 22

    Nokia To-do
    test to phone
    The Nokia mobile phone may have run out of memory.

    Contact inserted in the Nokia mobile phone.

    Synchronization completed.
    2 entries have been updated.
    As you can see, there is a problem receiving or sending new tasks to and
    from the phone. This wasn't the case with 4.3.

    QUESTION 3: I wish to try Java programming to create the java apps required
    by the phone. I am fluent with Visual C++ for Windows and C++ with GTK in
    Linux. I have programmed for handheld scanners and Windows CE units. I
    have very little experience in Java but have programmed using Jaascript for
    Web apps. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance

    CC to [email protected]

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    Re: nokia PC Suite 5.0

    i suggest cleaning up your registry after uninstalling previous pc suite
    then installing the new pc suite. there might be some left over

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