Hi there,

I've written a small game just for fun to my Nokia 7650 in Java. I use Sun's
KToolbar to manage the project and create JAD and JAR files.

The JAD and JAR files work great in both Sun's and Nokia's emulators. So far,
so good.

When I try to install the JAR file on my phone (using Nokia PC Suite),
something goes wrong though. The transfer seems to work, but when I say "Yes,
install" on the phone, I get a "System error" and nothing is installed.
If I at any point look up the details for the JAR file, it says that it
is 0 kb large.

Does anyone know what causes this? I obvioulsy cannot install anything that is
sized 0 kb, but what goes wrong with the transfer? I get no error messages.

Please help, thanks in advance.

Johan Peitz

Johan Peitz
Make games, not war.

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