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>> OK i have found a solution that will not (hopefully) mess up my phone!
>> It is the "Nokia DCT 3 & 4 magic clip" Which means that i will not
>> have to use the computer for it sooo really i cant mess it up cause
>> the clip thingy is doing all the work! I found it here
>> http://www.pecmobiledata.co.uk/acata...Nokia_100.html
>> Would it be worth me getting it? And will it work?
>> Thanks for the help!

>If it's only for your phone, why on earth do you want to spend so much
>money? Clips become outdated very quickly, and it's interesting to note
>that PEC are still under the impression that the clip unlocks DCT5 phones
>(there are no DCT5 handsets.). IMHO if you're not happy doing the work
>yourself, get one of the regulars or ourselves to do the job for you, it'd
>save you money unless you're planning to unlock a lot of phones.

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