I've a Dell inspiron 8000 with win xp pro and a nokia 6610
I try to connect the two through irda.
Most of the time the connection Manager give me the folowing error
when I select the 6610 and press the apply button

IrSocket API caused an error

But sometimes (no so often) it workes. When it workes I tried to save
my data on the pc but so fare it never finished. The connection was
always interupted...
I followed the nokia installation, updated the modem driver. I tried
to change a few parameters like
Infrared Transceiver Type set to vishay Telefunket instead of auto
Min. Turn-Around time set to 10ms instead of 4
Speed limit set to 38k instead of 4Mb/s
but no luck so fare.
What are the best parameters?
Whats the ideal distance between the cell phone and the pc
What can I do to improve the connection?
Thanks for any help

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