Have a problem with my Nokia 3310 (*#0000# -> V04.45, 21-06-01,
NHM-5): it starts cutting you off with 3 beeps (when the signal is
very strong and stable) whether you receive or make a call. That
happens about 2sec after making/receiving the call and the phone
powers down. You can power it up right away with no probs, make
another call and get cut off after 2 secs. Apart form that is
perfectly allright.

So, I have tracked dwon various posts dealing with that sort of fault
in all groups and they are suggesting software updates. I personally
would not entertain that because then this problem would have shown
right from the start ... which it did not! It seems more like a
hardware problem to me: some smoking resistor or leaking capacitor
inside. Anybody's got a clue? And most importantly: can it be fixed?

Cheers, Stephen in Portsmouth

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