Hey all,

**3310 - ITINERIS (France?) Startup logo; SMART (Philipphines) STICKERS?**
I have a 3310 (with 3315 SW when I bought it brand new SEPT 2001), it has a
disabled startup logo. I resetted it to the default using Logomanager, and I
was expecting to see the nokia animated hands. What I got was: Nokia hands
(still picture) evolving to ITINERIS (a FRENCH network according to GT's
post as quoted below) (upside down i logo).

My phone is a non authorised import phone, so nokia wont do much. :-/ so
much for saving $...sigh

Hardware questions now...it has a SMART Telecommunications (one of the
Philipphines' networks) (ATTN Chris Pollard: does SMART T/com ever export
their phones with the SMART hologram sticker intact??)

And the battery has a GLOBE TELECOM sticker (where did it came from???)

Any explanation on where my phone came from? Partial IMEI is 3506086054xxxxx
.... or am I having a stolen unit? Man...I'm getting worried!!!

"G.T" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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| Hello,
| > There is no need for such guesswork. For Orange, Virgin, and Vodafone
| Live!
| > use code 5. For everything else (UK) lock 1 will suffice.
| And for France (network is Orange, formerly Itineris - pointless here,
| for information : Itineris moved to Orange after France Telecom bought
| Orange twice its value).
| Regards,
| G.T
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