using V1.3 to back up my 6210e and then restore to my new 6310i after an
upgrade with Orange.

I couldn't work out why I wasn't getting my phone numbers copied.

It had worked O.K. on my previous version of Nokia PC Suite with an 8210 and
an 8310 but I had to upgrade the PC Suite because it didn't recognise the

After looking at the '.csv' file I worked out that it was restoring the
phone contents but not the SIM contents.

I hacked the '.csv' file to make all the entries go in phone memory, but
doing this meant selecting the new file to restore.

It was then that I noticed that the standard settings do not restore the
phone book entries for the SIM!

I checked the extra box, used the original file, and restored all the
missing entries.

But why have they changed the default settings so as not to restore the
phone book entries to the SIM?

You have to click on the 'Details' tab to include the SIM entries.


Dave R


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