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    silly question i have logomanager 1.3 and i have heard people talk about
    nkprofile what does it do

    cheers dave

    See More: what is nkprofile for

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    The Mole

    Re: what is nkprofile for

    The bin!
    It's too dated now to be *really* useful.
    Jordik 3.21+ (Jordik's non-imei version) or Rolis 1.9b2 can do the job
    Though Jordik 3.21+ does win over them all on Profiles.
    - 29 and 31 enable 3210 games and vibration (change 0 to 1)
    - 30 enables 3310 to 3315 (change 0-1)

    I have to say the programming on Profile 1.1.7 is nice though, just check a
    box. No set button needed.
    Just a shame never made a new version to do 3310 also.

    "Dragon" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    >What is NkProfile for?

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