Even better in that as most thieving bastards use clips, great if you lose
the phone and 1 and 2 are enabled!
(providing security code is changed from 12345 of course).

"The Mole" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> 3410 does have a security keyboard lock!
> - It's at [Menu] 4-6-2 and then your security code is asked when you

> with [Menu] *
> - Also the 3410 can lock the keyboard on a timer (unlike 3315). You can
> use this with a security or without.
> 3410 is a superb phone if you don't want a toy, just one that makes calls
> and has some useful functions at a budget price.
> I even think it has the edge over the 3510i orange thingy as the 3410

> DCT3 works well with LM for changing screensavers and pictures etc. Even
> the clock screensavers are better; more detailed.
> If you want a budget phone, spend £10 more over the 3310 on 'pay and go',
> plus all bonus stuff is enabled in 3410 already.
> I enjoyed that!
> /Smug Mode.
> Mole.

See More: !Friends: Ep 234, The one where John got the 3410 keyboard info wrong!