I have has an iPAQ 3850 for a long time now, and synchronise with Outlook on
my portable using ActiveSync.

So far so good.

Just got a 6310i and like an idiot I thought it would be cool to synchronise
my phone with my to-do list.

After the phone barfed on the amount of data I realised it was syncing all
the 'completed' tasks including old completed copies of recurring tasks.

It also woke me up at midnight to remind me of an item that had already
passed several days ago :-(((

I have since read that if you delete a task in Outlook the phone will
re-insert it unless you also delete it on the phone.

O.K. - I have bluetooth, the TDK Mobile phone manager which came with my USB
dongle and Nokia PC Suite which came with my phone.
Just connect up and edit my To-do list.


Neither allows me to access my To-do list so I have to do the whole thing by
Technology - doncha just love it?

So is there any software out there (preferably free) which allows you to
edit the To-do list in the 6310i directly instead of by syncing with a 3rd
party list such as that in Outlook?

Dave R

P.S. will check on the re-insertion of actions deleted from Outlook - if
this is true then the sync implimentation is broken! I assume each Outlook
action has a creation date so assuming the phone (or the PC sync software)
remembers the last sync. date it should be straightforward.

P.P.S. after syncing over BT I couldn't get my iPAQ to sync over WiFi until
I unplugged the BT connection and rebooted the system. Don't know if a
reboot alone would sort this, but again not good!

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