I've been trying to download midi files to my new Nokia 3595 (ATT Wireless)
from my web server, they download OK, play great, but when I try to save
them the phone just resets (screen goes blank, then shows the normal voice
screen). I can download the nokia and att ringtones and save them, but the
menus are different leading my to believe it's a different process. Has
anybody downloaded midi's from a normal (not specifically a ringtone) web
site and saved them. Size doesn't seem to matter.

Here's what happens: in detail:
1. setup a selection of midi files in a folder in my Apache web server.
2. navigate the phone to my site and see a list of files.
3. select a midi file
4 it downloads
5. phone says "Ringtone downloaded" and gives me options (play, save,
6. select Play. Sounds Great! Can't wait to have this tune in my phone.
7. select Save. Phone resets. blank dark screen.
8. Throw phone across the room and try something else.
Since I live near mountains and the ocean, I might try variations on
step 8 if I can't get this fixed. (:-)

any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks Bill

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