I just got my Nokia 6100 phone (lovely phone btw)

I'm wanting to upload some games and ringtones so just purchased
MobiMB. Unfortunatly my phone wont show at all.

The cable was bought from the internet and is FBUS compatible. I've
selected FBUS on com 1 as a connection but the phone failt to show in
the "active devices" folder. I've changed the connection to DLR-3 and
the phone goes white, so there must be some connection betweeen the PC
and the phone.

I've also just reinstalled the com ports, there wasnt a problem here,
but did so just to make sure.

Phone : Nokia 6100
OS : Windows XP Pro
MobiMB : MobiMB 1.2
Cable : FBUS

Is anyone able to shed some light on this problem? or had the same
problem and been able to resolve it?



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