Hi, I have a Sigmatel IrDA adapter, with which I want to transfer
applications, etc. from/to my phone. I've been trying to transfer
files with the application that comes with the sigmatel software
but had no sucess. Then I installed nokia PC Suite, and it transfers
applications, etc. with no problem? Why is this?
Second, I'd like to use my phone as a modem, so I have GPRS set
(when needed), my winXP recognizes the modem as Nokia 6100 (did it
manually as suggested in the manual) but when I dial my ISP
number I got these two errors:
Error: 678. The remote equipment doesn't respond.
Error: 775. The remote equipment blocked the call.

Then I chose to display the terminal, so I could dial manually,
after doing it, I get a "BLACKLISTED" message from my modem!
What is this? I tried dialing my home number for instance and
it works ok (at least it rings)...so why is this blacklisted
message appearing?


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