Von:Vini ([email protected])
Betrifft:My BlueTooth Aches!
Datum:2003-06-05 16:06:03 PST

>The other approach (going into control panel and running the config wizard)
>brings us to the stage of trying to find Services, but in explorer, no
>services are listed, on all 3 dongles we have never had a service listed.

Hi Vini,

I have the same Problem with my TDK (CSR) BT Dongle :-(
The problem is not the hardware, itīs the software, but I am not quite sure
what causes this problem.
My Desktop, doesnt show any services, then I plugged in a second harddisk,
installed WinXP once more... and it worked right on.
It seems to me that some 3rd vendor caused this by spoiling some com-port
entries. But I dunno what this is :-(

Now I am still on the run to solve this problem without having to setup my
PC once more.
Did u get your problem solved?

If yes, can u give me a hint?

Thx in advice,

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