> >The other approach (going into control panel and running the config

> >brings us to the stage of trying to find Services, but in explorer, no
> >services are listed, on all 3 dongles we have never had a service listed.

Just found this and it worked :-)

Hi NG,

> I have just picked up on this thread and I'll raise it with both the TDK
> engineering and support teams. I'll keep the ng informed as to what we

> Thanks for the comments and the feedback.

i've solved my problem doing the following:

- Created a new administrator account
- Installed the TDK software with the new account
- Now my BT works fine with my old user profile :-)))))

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Von:Thomas Warren ([email protected])
Betrifft:Re: TDK Problem after Update

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Datum:2003-04-19 10:54:59 PST

GREAT Andreas!!!
This solved the problem for me as well!

Happy Easter!

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