Hi ,
I am having problems getting pcsuite work with 3com USB. Following are the
details of my hardware and software:

3com USB dongle Product no: 3CREB96
Nokia PCsuite
windows 2000 Pro

My 3com Bluetooth connection manager works fine and can connect to nokia
7650 phone. I can send a business card from 3com connection maanger to nokia
phone using vcluetooth vonnectivity.
The problem comes when i try to discover nokia 7650 using nokia pcsuite
software. PCsuite connection manager is unable to show me any connected
phone. I can't even see the bluetooth virtual COM ports in mRouter window.
I have tried all the steps mentioned in the documentatiion without any
I found some messaged regrding the same problem in the newsgtroup which
suggest to upgrade the 3com driver to 1.1. I got the latest frivers from
3com site and after using them I can see the following versions of 3com

Information shown by 3com Bluetooth diagnostics:
Local Device

Name: Kapil_PC

Address: 00:04:76:E10:8C

Class: Notebook

Driver Information

Name: bt3cusb.sys

Size: 41261 bytes


Date: 11-20-2001 17:02:28

INF Information

Name: bt3cusb.inf

Size: 2662 bytes

Date: 11-20-2001 16:01:50

Please help.


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