Why is that everytime I try to transfer data by copying it with the inbuild
Windows XP IrDA-transfersoftware, the transfer always fails if the file I
send is above 1 mb. I have tried Nokia Suite but I have never used it to
install software with since it sucks (the Nokia Suite cannot connect to my
9210 which is - uuuhm - a huge problem, sometimes it does but it is like
that its is the software which decide when)

So I prefer to transfer the sis-files with the Windows XP IrDA-software but
why does it always fails when the software is above 1 mb or so? (my problem
is that I have formated my memorycard and want to install all the files
again - I have downloaded the basic-packed for the card but it is about 2 mb
and therefor i cannot send it to my 9210 - anyway the software does not
exist as tinny sis-files - some of them but not all of them)

Hilsen fra Peter
(sorry about gramma etc - this was written in a hurry)

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