I recently upgraded my phone and service to a Nokia 6200 phone and GSM
service in Atlanta.

I already had an old Nokia fully integrated hands-free kit in my car and
replaced it with the CARK143 that works with my new 6200.

The annoying thing is that the GSM interference makes the worst buzzing
noise through the hands-free speaker when initializing calls. This is the
same obnoxious noise you hear from other speakers when the GSM is
communicating. Otherwise the kit works great, but I'm wondering if anyone
can suggest a solution to this problem. Do I need a better shielded

I reused the old speaker from my old car kit (it was the CARK-91). Is the
speaker in the CARK-143 a better speaker? Would I get a benefit from using
it rather than the old one? It seemed to be a similiar speaker so I didn't
bother rewiring it with the new one.

Thanks in advance,


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