Just found a major bug in my 5100.
Upon recieving a business card from a 6510, via IRDA, with only the details
"AA" for name, and subsequently discarding this card, the phone shows
"Insert SIM card" in the top left of the screen, under the line for clock,
thermometer, icons etc. Phone background image still shows, as does battery
meter, and software functions normally apart from having no signal due to
'insert sim card' error.

Turning phone on and off fails to fix issue.

Removing and replacing battery, case and SIM card rectifies problem.
I have successfully reproduced this problem twice out of 5 tries...
Could be a loose contact set off by the vibration from the message tone,
however, never before has my phone said 'insert sim card' due to the act of
vibrating, indeed, every message and call causes the handset to vibrate.

Any comments?


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