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    Peter H.M. Brooks

    This should be simple enough! I have a Nokia 3410. I have downloaded the
    J2ME Wireless Toolkit. I would like to write some applications for the cell

    Now, I read that J2ME is a range of standards and applications, not a
    platform. Fair enough.

    Since this is in Java, I'd like to write my applications so that they run on
    all cell 'phones - or all Nokia 'phones at least.

    What I'd like to know is the following:

    - What steps do I need to take to write and load a 'Hello World'application
    into my 3410 and see it run?

    If there is a document you can point me to, or a better newsgroup that would
    be great!

    Later on it would be nice to know how to advertise an cell 'phone
    application so other people can download it and pay for it - but that can
    wait until I have one fully written. For that I need to know the above!

    "The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." - Oscar Wilde

    See More: Application for Nokia 3410 cell 'phone

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    l_h is offline


    have you had any success with this? i'm lookign to write an application for a nokia 3410, can you give me any pointers... please. thanks.

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