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some stuff about "Re: N-Gage First Opinions", to which I would like to add the

>> Hi, can you tell me, does the NGAGE work as a normal phone in that you
>> hold it to your ear during calls or is it one that you have to have the
>> headset plugged in to use the phone facility?

>You >can< use it without a headset but you will look even more of a tit than
>people who use handsfree kits in public. The 'ingenious' design involves
>holding it sideways against your head, ensuring that anyone who happens to
>see you talking on it will howl with laughter and quite possible point you
>out to others. Better to have people assume you're talking to yourself
>(i.e. use the handsfree) - it's the lesser of two ridiculous options.

It IS a nice phone though.. Considering it has everything 3650 has (minus the
useless camera) for considerable LESS money. I'd get one if it didn't look so
goofy. And you bet your #)($*#(*#$Y& that 6600 will be a lot more expensive.

Did anyone see 3660 yet? This is Nokia's way of saying "OK, we ****ed up with
that rediculous 3650 keypad; the designer of that one is in the basement
chained to a wall and will never be let anywhere near a drawing board again."


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