On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:48:08 +0100, "Ernie Faulkner"
<[email protected]> wrote some stuff about "Nokia 6650
V's 6600", to which I would like to add the following:

>I'm considering one of these two phones and would appreciate some views,
>opinions as to which is better.
>I want to use it in the car and am thinking of getting a Bluetooth full car
>kit. I cuurently use a hard wired Nokia 6310i
>I want the ability to take pictures and the video could be a nice extra!

Don't take pictures and video while driving. ;-) (It's fun though) ;-)

However don't get too excited about the camera's performance until you've seen
a picture ON A PC SCREEN. It looks fine on the small phone screen, but on a
proper screen it looks like ****. Note that I think a GOOD 640x480 image
would be Ok for computer screen viewing, but the thing is that pictures come
out in this weird blur. I attach a picture taken with 3650. Note how also
lighting is all over the place. Then again other pictures, especially
closer-range in good and even lighting come out surprisingly OK.

Getting back to the 6650 vs. 6600 issue, this really is NO comparison. 6650 is
a 3G phone that works (also) with new faster networks but not with regular
networks in the USA. Also from a usability point of view there's no
comparison: 6600 is an advanced smartphone that runs the multitasking Symbian
operating system. It's triband so will work in the USA as well as Europe,
Asia, etc. Lots of software you can download for it. It has a larger screen,
great for checking e-mail or even MSN / ICQ chat, synchronising contacts and
appointments with Outlook on your PC, actual web browsing using the Opera
browser and tons of useful and not-quite-so-useful software for it. (E.g. you
can turn it into a remote control and mess around with your friend's stereo at
parties without him knowing. 6650 on the other hand doesn;t even have
e-mail or a calendar from the looks of it:


6650 is a dog. It's Nokia saying "Yes we have a 3G phone". However it lacks
the core functionality that would make use of 3G network speed and thus
completely defeats the purpose of 3G. Ho-hum, you can send (expensive) MMS
stuff at high speed... but no regular e-mail and Web!?


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