The Nokia 9200 Series Communicator has the ability to handle both
industry-standard True Type fonts and the Symbian OS specific gdr bitmap

Using such a font is easy, as they can be selected it in a dialog.

Installing fonts was however far from easy. Until now, font files had to be
moved to the appropriate folder manually. The Communicator had to be
rebooted, for instance by removing and reinserting the battery. Removing a
font was even harder.

With Fonts (for the Nokia 9200 Series Communicator) installing and removing
a font is as easy as using one.

Fonts installs itself in the Control panel on the Extras screen.
With Fonts running, installing a font file is as easy as choosing it and
pressing OK. Fonts copies the font file to it's proper place, installs it
ready for use and remove the original file (if one wishes). Removing a font
is as easy as installing one. Choose it and let Fonts handle everything

Fonts is available at

Sander van der wal

See More: [Ann] mBrain Software has released Fonts (for the Nokia 9200 Series Communicator)