Idokorro Mobile has released Mobile SSH for Nokia 6800. Idokorro
Mobile SSH allows creating SSH and Telnet connections to any servers
from your Nokia 6800 device.

The price is $45 USD.

The Nokia 6800's Qwerty keyboard allows typing all your favorite
commands in an easy to use interface. With the 6800's GPRS
capabilities connections are fast and allow streaming of data such as
running 'tail' on a web server log file.

SSH connections can be performed to any SSH-2 server. Industry and
government standard Triple DES and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard -
FIPS-197) encryption methods are supported. Data is encrypted from the
device all the way to the SSH server.

The Idokorro Mobile SSH terminal supports full VT100 terminal
emulation in order to allow running any type of terminal programs such
as emacs, pine, top, vi and more. Connections with Telnet can be
established to Windows, Linux, Unix, routers and switches.

For More Information visit:

To download a free trial open the following url using your Nokia 6800
web browser:

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