My 8260 was submerged in water. Not having a Torx bit with me at the
time, I did all I could: I removed the battery and antenna covers, and
used compressed air to blow out all the water. I then let it dry out
thoroughly lying on the face of a fan for hours. I swapped the batter
for another, put the covers back on, and have a working phone -

Although the phone operates normally most of the time, it displays
"NOT CHARGING" when I try to charge the (replaced, known good)
battery. I think the erratic charging is responsible for the phone
dying a couple times in the past three weeks.

I don't want to take the phone fully apart and wash it all out with
distilled water or something; if it's going to corrode, it has

Is there something I can reset? All my info is there (phone book
*plus* my personalized alpha tag) and the only real issue is the
charging error message. The phone must be charging somehow despite
the message, as it works. Thanks!


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