Hello everyone,
I wonder if anyone can sort out my problem I am having?
I am having problems with Nokia PC Suite 5 at PC Start-up. What is happening
is when I turn on my PC I get a error message comes up saying:

Microsoft Visual C++
Runtime Library Runtime Error!
Program D:\Programfiles\Nokia\Nokiapcsuite5\DataLayer.EXE
abnormal Program Termination.

I have tried Installing it using the CD which came with my Nokia 6100 phone
and that has the same problem. I then uninstalled it downloaded it from the
Nokia website and it all installed OK like before but when I restarted my PC
I still had the Error comes up.

My OP is Windows 98SE and has a Intel(r) Celeron(tm) Processor 198.OMB RAM
I am using a USB Sigma Tel V6102F IRDA.

Every thing on The PC Suite works OK what I have used.

Many Thanks for any Information

Michael Burdis

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