Excuse me if I am not so clear on what I a looking for, but its
getting very hard to find any software,application or information that
will let me access or get a frame(still image) from a web cam or ip

I have different ip cams connected to the internet, they continuously
send images refreshed over the internet.

I would like some kind of software,application or the necesarry
routines in order to be able to send a frame to the mobile phone that
tried to access the ip address of the given ip cam. Or some other way
will be the mobile sends an sms with the mobile cam ip address and in
return gets an mms with the cam image frame. Somethink like this.

I am not sure if what I need is wap, xhtml, java, or mms sending after
a a mobile requests it.

How can I achieve this? Please refer me to some software developer
that you may know that lets achieve this. Do you know any websites
that already provide such a service? I mean they have web cams from
which you can get an image from the mobile cellular phone ? I may
contact them and ask them how they did it.

All your help regarding this is deeply appreciated.



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